Kazuki Otsuka

Modern Artist

Kazuki studied Mathematics, Philosophy and Fine Arts at Yokohama National University and at Grenoble Alpes University in France. He majored in Applied Computer Science and received Master of Arts and Sciences degree from the University of Tokyo.

Kazuki holds several patents for computer algorithms.
He is a member of MENSA, the world's foremost high-IQ society.

What is Transformism?


Falsifiability of Art

The New Mainstream

Art by Scientists

The constructs and institutions of intellectual activity related to the cultural realm called ⟨art⟩ and ⟨literature⟩ were born around the time of Hegel. The series of conditions that define the essence of art and literature are still functioning as ⟨art⟩ today, although these conditions have been transformed by the financial and capital economy.
I will call this ⟨mainstream⟩.

On the other hand, developmental ⟨knowledge⟩ is a methodology that enables discussion through criticism and verification, which has been discussed in the past by Aristotle and in modern times as the philosophy of science by Karl Popper.
Art, which expresses the edge of human knowledge, has objectivity, and because it is objective, it has universality, and it has a time axis toward the point of convergence of knowledge, because it is universal.
I would like to define art which is a facet of our evolving “knowledge" as ⟨mainstream⟩ or ⟨true art⟩. Since it is knowledge, true art, like science, requires "refutability". And the ⟨mainstream⟩ would be created by scientists (not by conventional artists).

I now present "Transformism" as an art movement that constructs a new definition of essence by means of falsifiable criteria in the scientific sense - intelligence, in other words, the depth of evolution - through criticism and improvement without falling into tautology or infinite regress.

We are based in Tokyo. To purchase artworks, ask questions, or inquire anything, please feel free to contact us to the addresses below.
email i@transformism.art
office 106-0032 Roppongi7-7-7, Tri-Seven Roppongi 8F, Minato, Tokyo